Here are four free resources that you can use during your first English classes of the new term. To download them, click on the download button and sign up for a free Milton Teachers account. You’ll get instant access to download these resources as well as access to all other future free materials!

Icebreaker games

Icebreakers are a great way to get to know your students while easing into the school year. These icebreakers will get your students active and using their English skills from the very beginning! You can easily use these games as a warm-up activity, something fun for the last ten minutes of class or even for an entire lesson.

Icebreaker games

Your All about me worksheet (great for young learners!)

This worksheet will get your young learners practising English vocabulary and bring out the artist in them! Covering all of the basics, there is space for the student’s name, birthday, favourite colours, favourite food and even a space to draw a beautiful family portrait. With these visual aids students can start practising speaking with their classmates and they can even be used for classroom decoration. Students can also refer back to their worksheet later in the term when you’re learning vocabulary like members of the family, months of the year, food and colours.

All about me worksheet
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Name-tag templates featuring Milton characters

Preparing your classroom for the year ahead can be a lot of work! You can lighten your load by using these Milton name-tag templates. In the pack there are a variety of different name-tags featuring different Milton characters from our Hello, Mil! and Time Travellers textbooks! Each name-tag has a space for students to write their name and a place for them to draw a self-portrait! This resource works for getting to know names, writing practice, creative time and learning adjectives and parts of the face.

Name-tag templates

Classmate interview worksheet (great for upper primary & secondary students)

Upper-level students also benefit from fun activities that ease them into the school year! That’s why we’ve included this classmate interview worksheet. Group students in pairs with a classmate they may not know very well. Have them practise formulating questions and recording answers using this worksheet as their guide. After students complete the worksheet they can use it as an aid while introducing their partner to the rest of the class!

Classmate interview worksheet

Classroom Crest Template

The classroom crest template will help you and your students prepare for a gamified learning experience. You can have a crest for each student, a crest for different groups of students or a single crest that represents the whole class! Print the templates and have students fill them in with symbols and designs that they think best represent themselves, their group or the class.

Classroom Crest

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