If you’re looking to gamify your classroom for the first time, or if you’re already a pro, but looking for a better way to organise your ideas, our FREE gamification planner will help you get there. This gamification planner is laid out for you to incorporate a theme, divide your unit into different levels, set end-of-unit boss challenges and decide the overall end-goal of your term. Once you have the chart filled in, the work of the gamification process will go much more smoothly with the path already laid out before you.

Want more information on the process of gamifying your classroom? Take a look at our post, How to gamify your English Classroom.” In this post, you’ll find the steps to creating a gamified learning experience along with some quick ideas! Have any questions about how to use the planner or the gamification process in general? Leave us your question in the comments below!

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Gamification Term Planner
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