Introducing your students to different festivals and celebrations around the world is a great way to promote cultural diversity in the classroom! Here are two free resources to start fostering a multicultural environment in your English class. Looking for more ways to support cultural diversity? Check out our blog post on tips for creating a culturally diverse environment. Let us know in the comments what works best for you and your students!

Mexican Independence Day- discovery worksheet

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on 16 September. This day commemorates the famous speech given by Miguel Hidalgo that prompted Mexico’s fight for independence from Spain. In this worksheet, your students will read a short text that highlights the history and different facts surrounding the festival. Students will use the text to complete the different sections of the worksheet!

Mexican Independence Day Worksheet

China’s Mid-Autumn Festival

On 29 September, China celebrates their Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival. This is the second most important festival in China, right after Chinese New Year. This festival is to celebrate and give thanks for the end of the rice harvest. To celebrate, families gather to share meals together and make paper lanterns. With this craft, your students can appreciate the Chinese culture through creating their own mini paper lantern! All you need are the supplies shown on the instructions page and the template included in the resource!

Mid-Autumn Festival Craft
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Interested in both? Click the link below to download the September festivals pack!

September Festivals Pack