Introducing your students to different festivals and celebrations around the world is a great way to promote cultural diversity in the classroom! Here are some free resources to start fostering a multicultural environment in your English class. Looking for more ways to support cultural diversity? Check out our blog post on tips for creating a culturally diverse environment. Let us know in the comments what works best for you and your students!

Halloween- Colour the Pumpkins

In this worksheet, students will find pumpkins in the drawing and colour them by reading the sentences and following directions. Students will practice using prepositions of place to complete the worksheet. Suitable for lower-level primary.

Colour the Pumpkins Worksheet

Halloween-Mad Libs

Mad Libs is a game of silly storytelling. Students fill in the blanks without being able to read the sentence that they are given. They will be asked for different types of words, such as nouns, verbs, or adjectives. Once finished filling in the blanks, the story is read, using students’ chosen words. This activity can be done in pairs or together as a class. Suitable for upper-level primary and secondary.

Halloween Mad Libs


Taboo is a great game for English language learners to practise speaking skills and expand vocabulary. Players on two teams or more try to get their teammate to say a word by describing it but without using specific taboo words. You can find full instructions in the download. Suitable for secondary.

Halloween Taboo

Halloween-Spooky Story Starters

Use these spooky story starters to get your students inspirted to write a terrifying tale. Students choose one as their first sentence and continue writing, creating their own spooky short story. Suitable for secondary.

Spooky Story Starters

Indigenous Peoples’ Day-Presentation and Game

Indigenous Peoples’ Day takes place on the second Monday of October. This presentation introduces students to the day, offers new vocabulary, and a game at the end. Suitable for secondary.

Indigenous People’s Day presentation

Indigenous Peoples’ Day- Basket Weaving Craft

Basket weaving is one of the oldest crafts in Native American culture. This craft can be done along with the presentation and game or on its own. Click here for video instructions. Can be modified for primary or secondary.

Indigenous People’s Day basket weaving craft
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