Whether you’re looking to use an escape room activity in your primary classroom for the first time, or you’re already a pro, and looking for a new theme, our FREE Time Travel Mission escape room experience will help you take an active, gamified approach to teaching English. This resource includes:

● Student materials pdf including a comic and escape room activities.

● Teacher’s notes about how to teach a the escape room experience in the classroom.

● The session plan for the mission and the answers to the activities.

Wondering whether escape rooms are the right activity for your students? Take a look at our post, 5 Reasons to Use Escape Rooms in Your English Classroom. In this post, you’ll find out why they are effective and ways to incorporate them into your lessons. Have any questions about how to use the Time Travel Mission Escape Room or about using escape rooms in the ESL classroom in general? Leave us your question in the comments below!

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Time Travel Mission Escape Room

This escape room has been taken from our Time Travellers series which includes one escape room per unit. For more information visit www.miltoneducation.com/timetravellers or email us at comercial@miltoneducation.com

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