Introducing your students to different festivals and celebrations around the world is a great way to promote cultural diversity in the classroom! Here are some free resources to start fostering a multicultural environment in your English class. Looking for more ways to support cultural diversity? Check out our blog post on tips for creating a culturally diverse environment. Let us know in the comments what works best for you and your students!

Diwali – Comparing Festivals

In this worksheet, students will think about and compare Diwali to a local festival they enjoy. The activity can be modified to varying English levels. Answers can be written or drawn. Suitable for upper-level primary.

Comparing Festivals – Diwali & Me

Diwali – Listening Activity

Students watch a video about the festival of Diwali and fill in sentences with the corresponding information. Click here for the video. Suitable for upper-level primary and secondary.

Learn About Diwali – Listening Activity

Diawli – Rangoli Designs

Rangoli are beautiful patterns designed using colourful ground rice, sand or flower petals. Students recreate one of the rangoli designs using whatever material you choose! This activity can be modified for all levels.

Diwali Rangoli Designs

Thanksgiving – Placemat

Students draw and label the foods they would include in a Thanksgiving meal. A great supplemental activity when learning food vocabulary. Suitable for pre-primary and primary.

Thanksgiving Placemat

Thanksgiving – Flashcards

Introduce young learners to some American English keywords for talking about Thanksgiving. Then, click here for 5 Low-Prep Flashcard games. Flashcard games can be modified for all levels.

Thanksgiving Flashcards

Thanksgiving – Hand Turkeys

Hand turkeys are a classic Thanksgiving craft and encourage young learners to think about the theme of gratitude surrounding the festival. Suitable for pre-primary and primary students.

Thanksgiving- Hand Turkeys

Thanksgiving – Trivia

How much do your students know about Thanksgiving? This trivia Powerpoint is fun and informative. Answers are provided in the Powerpoint meaning no prep required! Suitable for secondary students.

Thanksgiving Trivia
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